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Wasps vs. Hornets: What’s the Difference?

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Wasps tend to have quite distinctive markings in white, orange, or yellow and black. Some are entirely black. If you look at them closely, you’ll notice that wasps lack the familiar fuzzy look of bees and have very little hair on their bodies. They also have a much narrower waist between the thorax and abdomen.

Waspsapp, asian hornet


Hornets are usually reddish-brown and yellow striped, but they do come in other colours, as well. They often prefer to nest in existing hollows and crevices. This includes trees, walls, and even the ground.


Hornets and wasps are often mistaken for one another, but they are different creatures. While hornets are a type of wasp, there are some significant differences between the two. It may help to identify which insect you have near your home, but both can be dealt with by us (Waspsapp).

In the UK, both wasps and hornets belong to the order Hymenoptera and are known for their distinct stinging capabilities, often causing concern among humans. Wasps, commonly seen throughout the summer months, are typically smaller in size with slender bodies and distinct yellow and black stripes and usually between 1.5-2.5 cm long. One of their biggest features is that they don’t lose their stinger when they attack, so they can sting multiple times. This also means they can be more aggressive. Like carnivores, they enjoy sausages, meats, and much more. In fact, it’s usually food that draws them to people and they love sweets and fizzy drinks. They tend to build nests in sheltered areas such as roof spaces, trees, or garden sheds.

On the other hand, hornets, although similar in appearance to wasps, are generally larger and have a more robust build. In the UK, the European hornet is the most common species, recognized by its brown and yellow markings. Unlike wasps, hornets usually build their nests in higher locations such as trees or within wall cavities.

Despite their differences in size and nesting habits, both wasps and hornets are capable of delivering painful stings when provoked. However, hornets are generally less aggressive towards humans compared to wasps and are more focused on hunting insects, making them beneficial for controlling pest populations in gardens and forests.

How to Handle Wasps and Hornets

Whether you have a wasp problem or a hornet issue, you should not attempt to get rid of them on your own. First, establish that it is a problem, then call us. One of two of the insects buzzing about your garden is no cause for alarm. However, if you’re seeing quite a few and feel that they may live nearby, it’s time to call in help.


You shouldn’t try to get rid of a hornet or wasp nest on your own. This is a good way to end up being stung and you could have a reaction to too much venom. Instead, you should call a professional pest removal agency like ourselves and have us deal with the problem.


In most cases, the solution requires removing the insect nest. This will discourage them from staying nearby. Once this is done, we may spray as well to get rid of any remaining insects.

Are you dealing with wasps or hornets in your home and garden? Contact Waspsapp now to eliminate them and take care of your problem..



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Originating as a family-run enterprise in East Kent, our local business has flourished primarily through grassroots recommendations, leveraging platforms like WhatsApp, from which our name derives.

Beyond mere auditory disturbances in your loft, wasp nests harbor considerable peril. For individuals sensitive to their sting, the consequences can escalate to potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock, with fatal outcomes in rare instances.

As the seasons transition from early April to June, wasps rouse from hibernation. With the Queen's prolific egg-laying spree ensuing shortly thereafter, the wasp population undergoes exponential growth within a matter of weeks.

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